Our job outline

In France, the denomination « Directrice - Directeur de production » is a blend of two positions, commonly referred to in anglo-saxon cinema and audiovisual production, as:

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In France, we, as « Directrice or Directeur de Production » are hired by a production company to supervise the fabrication of a cinema or audiovisual project. We represent the producer, from preparation to the end of shoot, and even sometimes up until the processing of final deliveries.


We coordinate and manage the work load according to the applicable laws and rules. On a daily base, we supervise the shooting and take economic, social and legal responsiblity of the set.


In the accomplishment of our mission, we guarantee the respect of hygiene and security rules.


We are in charge of drafting the budget and managing all production expenses. We supervise the production process and ensure a project quality that stays in line with the content and cost approved by the producer, the director and various other partners (coproducers, broadcasters, distributors…).


We oversee and validate the shooting schedule.


We are responsible for recruiting and hiring the technical and artistic personnel required for the shooting and the post-production of the project.


We negotiate the financial deals with suppliers and rental companies.

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